Just Live

The last six weeks have been spent in Guy’s Hill, a small town nestled in the beautiful green hills of Jamaica. It was the bulk of our Peace Corps education training, and after many sessions of language lessons, behaviour managment in the classroom, and teachable reading strategies we packed our bags and headed back to where we orginially stayed when we arrived on this dynamic island. The time in Guy’s Hill was informative, helpful, and imporant as we gainded experience working in a classroom.

It was also challenging to absorb all of the information and complete the different assignments given to us throughout our time there. One day I came home a bit overwhelmed, and my host mom said, “Britt, all we can do is take each day, give thanks, and just LIVE.” There is a lot of wisdom packed into that sentence and I have walked away from Guy’s Hill still working on achieving that mindset. One of the many things that has stood out to me in my short time here has been how so many Jamaicans I have interacted with celebrate the day that they have today. It has been a refreshing reminder that each day we have is a gift and it should not be taken for granted even if it feels like you are not doing anything right.

As I get ready to visit my permanent site in just a few days, I have to continuously remind myself to just live and always, always give thanks for today.image1


My AWESOME Language teacher


Easter fieldtrip


My sweet Southern counterpart


Rooftop Laundry


First Day in Guy’s Hill


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