Mind the Gap

Whoa. That’s all I can say. The last time I blogged I was in the throes of figuring out what it meant to live for an additional four months in Nairobi, Kenya. Now, three years later, I am in Miami preparing to check out of a hotel at 4am and hop on a plane to Jamaica… for two years and some change. I told myself that after living in Nairobi I was done with living abroad on my own, that the challenges I faced adjusting to a totally unfamiliar place- one that I did not necessarily choose- was in the past never to be intentionally approached again. That joke’s on me.

This time around I have signed up with the Peace Corps to serve as literacy tutor and teacher’s aid in an elementary school somewhere on the island of Jamaica. Thirty one volunteers are headed down tomorrow to begin a 2 month training session on language, culture, and job skill sets. We won’t be formally placed until the end of this training.

A few of the reasons I am choosing to blog again are on my “about me” page, feel free to check that out and keep me accountable. The time inbetween these blog posts have been both challenging and delightful- graduating college and navagating post grad life is not for the faint hearted. Bouncing around from apartment to apartment, figuring out career trajectories, etc was frustrating, but the fruit of those gap years included living with some amazing people both best friends from college and new friends who showed me different parts of Chicago (looking at you Chlo), being present for friends who were planning weddings, traveling to visit my friend Sarah Ray in Peru, meeting and working with inspiring international students at my college alma mater, and discovering a church community that I resonated and fell in love with to name a few. All this to say- life hasn’t gone the way I anticipated, but there are aspects that have come with the curveballs that I wouldn’t give up for anything.

So here’s to another chapter of inevitable humorous stories, unanticipated discovery, and trying something new.


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