A Volcanic Revelation

At 5’3, I am on the smaller side of average, and if you know my brother he is 6’6. He is also two and a half years younger than I am, so I have always been a little defensive about my respective size. I absolutely hate being thought of as weak, as many people automatically make that assumption when they meet me. In my fallen state, it is a bit of a pride issue that I tend to ignore, but this past weekend it pretty much hit me slap in the face in a wave of dust and incredible scenery.

There are two other awesome interns (working for World Harvest)  living with me at the Mutuuki’s and they invited me to go with their team to Mt. Longonot. Mt. Longonot is a dormant volcano that people come from all over to climb up and then around the crater for a total of about 14 km. I have never really climbed a mountain before and didn’t think much about it. In fact for breakfast I ate only a piece of toast. Needless to say it didn’t take long before that piece of toast disappeared and I was being pulled up the mountain by a guide named Edmond. How embarrassing. In one of the steeper parts as he was tugging me along he started talking about politics and it was all I could do to utter something in response. Talking about Obama, while trying not to faint, was not exactly high up on my priorities, but Edmond was really gracious and just said that maybe I’ll be the first female president.

When we got to the top of that first climb, I thought I might cry it was so beautiful and because I was so tired. We ate lunch though and after that I was a new person. It was a long hike around the crater and up to the tallest peak, but being in the sunshine and out of the city was incredibly refreshing. It also helped that the people I was with were incredibly kind and understanding. We even saw a giraffe out in the “wild”.

That experience was a great reminder of how I should be more dependent on God. If I left myself to my own devices I would be struggling at the base of a mountain. Letting God pull me up though means I get to see the beauty of life in ways I could never have imagined.

at the top, dirty but incredibly satisfied

at the top, dirty but incredibly satisfied


the inside of the now dormant volcano- incredibly beautiful

the inside of the now dormant volcano- beautiful



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