Oh My Soul

I have watched Michael Jackson dance the iconic Thriller. Seen how Shakira’s hips don’t lie. Witnessed the pinnacle of adolescent angst at prom. However, none of those quite compare to my  Kenyan host dad, who happens to be a pastor, “change the lightbulb” while dancing in front of the praise team this morning during church. It was one of the most delightful moments I have experienced in quite some time.

I know I mentioned the church I have been attending in my last blog post, but I can’t help but attempt to share some of the joy that New City Fellowship has inspired in my soul. It is so easy to find oneself in the routine of church: attend most Sundays, sing through the songs you know by heart while your mind wonders to your plans for the rest of the day, congratulate yourself when you make it to the occasional Sunday evening service, etc. Maybe it’s just me that often loses sight of the celebration that everyday should be, but especially Sunday morning. God has graciously been using New City Fellowship to remind me of that.

This Nairobi church is made up of predominately of Kenyans, Indians, and ex Pats, and one of it’s core values is racial reconciliation. Embracing the complicated tensions of class, race, and assumptions of the “other”, New City strives to heal the rift of racial divide in the name of Jesus. During worship we sing in Hindi, Swahili, English, and another Indian language called Gujarati. And it is a celebration. One of the English songs we sung today was Matt Redman’s, Bless the Lord (10,000 Reasons), and one special three year old voluntarily sang it again tonight. It was a good reminder that we all have something to be grateful for, the abundance of God’s love that meets us in all circumstances. Let me be singing when the evening comes.

This isn’t the same three year old that sang for us tonight, but how sweet is he?


3 thoughts on “Oh My Soul

  1. Hey Brittany,
    That’s so great that you’re going to NCF! I went to NCF in St. Louis and even visited Joseph and Elfi Matuuki on my very first visit to Nairobi! Is he still the pastor there? Even if not, I love the idea that my advisee is now worshipping with them. Full circle moment! 🙂 Keep enjoying and embracing everything you can. Many blessings.


    • Dr. Howell,
      I am learning that the world is in one sense very small! I am living with the Matuuki’s, and Joe is still the pastor at NCF. They are such a fun couple. I will definitely mention you at dinner tonight. They love making connections. Thanks for the encouragement!


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