Diving Board Jitters

A major theme other HNGR students have been discussing is walking in faith or “getting out of the boat” like Peter. With that in mind, all I could think about when I arrived at the airport was the feeling I had when I jumped off the diving board for the first time at the community pool. The last day of swim lessons all the parents would come watch us swim probably a quarter of a lap and then the grand finale- jumping into the deep end. I remember inching closer and closer to the end and then forcing myself to jump off. At a birthday party a few years later, friends of mine convinced me I could learn to dive from that very diving board. I am far from graceful, but I attempted it and to my great dismay landed flat on the water. The life guard gave me a standing ovation, and told me it was the greatest belly flop he had ever seen.

As my plane was taking off I felt like I had the first time I got on the diving board, slowly inching myself towards the edge, and I was most afraid of doing another great big belly flop. God has been good, and by probably the third hour of my travels I was feeling better. I arrived in Kenya around midnight (I think), and have been welcomed with open arms. The Amani center is BEAUTIFUL. It’s tucked into a nook of the city, a small piece of paradise amidst the business. The ladies of Amani are extremely friendly, and I am excited to be here for  a little while.

Peace be with you.


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